SOGO 2018-2019 Speaker and Activity Schedule



October 18, 2018, Austin Hastings, P.E., Director of Central Operations Support Pacific Gas and Electric Company


PG&E Use of LNG/CNG to support Construction


As part of PG&E’s extensive pipeline integrity program, many pipelines must be removed from service for long periods of time. Some of these pipelines are the sole source of natural gas to customers and communities. PG&E has grown an extensive portable natural gas program to supply customers during these outages. The presentation will focus on three case examples where portable LNG and CNG was used to support over 44,000 customers for multiple weeks and the challenges each of those projects faced.




November 15, 2018, Michael Adamo, Project Manager, Infrastructure Sector, GTI


Gas Technology Institute Projects


Mr. Adamo will describe and update us on the  progress of several projects that the Gas Technology Institute scientists and engineers are working on that are sponsored by PHMSA.


December 18, 2018, Holiday Season Party / Charity Function


January 17, 2019, Kevin Carr, Manager, Emergency Preparedness, PSE&G


Emergency Preparedness – Use of Exercises to Enhance Procedures, Protocols & Coordination


Mr. Carr will share key learnings and how a series of progressive full scale exercises were used to aid in enhancing standards, protocols and response capabilities internally and external coordination. Information about a statewide effort increasing gas response guidance and response coordination that resulted from these exercises will also be discussed.


February 21, 2019 – Joint Meeting with Lamplighters



March 21, 2019, Joanna Yager, Section Manager of Leak Survey, ConEdison


Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) from a Gas Utility’s Perspective


In 2018, Con Edison completed a series of field trials to compare the leaks found using traditional DPIR methods to cavity ring down spectroscopy (CRDS).  To gain familiarity and confidence with the new leak detection technology, seven sets of field trials were executed for data acquisition and analysis.  Con Edison established a plan to test the technology over 7 weeks within a non-business district of approximately 11,000 services.  Various data points were tracked throughout the process, including total number of search areas, percent success in search area investigations and increased leaks found by grade.  This presentation will introduce the audience to CRDS technology, provide an overview of the 2018 field trial process and detail results of the trials and conclusions made.




April 18, 2019, Janie Norton, Sr Project Manager, Gas Asset Data Quality. Duke Energy

Legacy Data Collection & Data Enhancement


As asset data is becoming more and more important in the Natural Gas Industry, understanding how to begin to assemble information at an enterprise level is vital.  Accurate asset data is imperative to support proactive and mitigative efforts within Safety & Integrity Management programs.  The compilation process can involve: converting hard copy information, augmenting with existing electronic data, and/or developing processes to collect new information.



May 16, 2019, Dick Morgan Heroism Award 


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