SOGO 2023 – 2024 Speaker and Activity Schedule



October 19, 2023:  Alan K. Mayberry, Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety

                                                        US Depart. of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


US Department of Transportation PHMSA Regulations Update

Alan will provide an update on changes to the PHMSA regulations.





November 16, 2023: Gina Rundo, Versiv Solutions


Operationalizing ESG: Making Cross Compression Work for You


Natural Gas Operators are faced with many challenges to ensure their construction projects limit disruption to the community and protect the environment through environmental sustainability governance (ESG). The gas industry continues to face increasing pressure and expectations to reduce methane emissions from various regulatory sources. The major concerns that will be discussed are safety, operational and cost impacts, and optimizing implementation. Cross compression reduces methane emission traditionally caused by intentional releases, including venting, blow-downs, and purging to the atmosphere during pipeline repairs and installations. She will share her unique perspective as a former operator to address concerns about how to get started, how to keep projects on schedule and under budget, and how to effectively report on the positive environmental impact of those sustainability efforts.


December 21, 2023 – Holiday Gathering


January 18 2024: Anthony Buono, GIS Department Manager So. Jersey Industry, and

                           Kevin Campbell, Principal / Client Development Manager Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.


Asset Data Integration: Comprehensive Material Tracking & Traceability Program

The adoption of the PHMSA Mega Rule, South Jersey Industries (SJI) needed a robust and flexible way to collect high-accuracy asset data and track it throughout its lifecycle. SJI partnered with Suburban Consulting Engineers and Locana because of their complementary engineering and GIS experience. This team developed a comprehensive, modular gas utility field asset data collection solution. This solution provides real-time integration between field data collection devices, enterprise GIS, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), master material lists, and Operator Qualifications (OQ) systems to provide traceable, verifiable, and complete utility asset data. The solution utilizes sub-centimeter GPS equipment to collect asset and location data. During the data collection, the field technician scans each material’s barcode to capture manufacturer, model number, lot number, etc. The technician also confirms the installer’s OQs by scanning the installer’s badge. Materials and OQs are validated in real-time against the utility’s master material list and employee OQ database to ensure that approved materials are being installed by contractors that are approved to complete the installation.


February 15, 2024 - Combined meeting with Society of Gas Lighters


Topic: To Be Determined



March 21, 2024 - Shannon Katcher, Vice President, Digital Innovation, GTI Energy


The Rapidly Developing World of GNSS Satellite Technology and High-Accuracy Data Collection

In the past several years, the availability of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology has grown significantly. More satellites are being launched, more signal bands are available than ever before, more receivers can deliver better precision, and formerly regional satellite constellations have become globally accessible – all at significantly reduced costs. As operators, it can become concerning to navigate this rapidly evolving ecosystem, from understanding what investments to make to making sure to optimize the value from a clouded ecosystem of technology providers. In this presentation, we will review some of the changing global landscape and discuss the research that has been done to ensure that operators can take advantage of the right technologies that provide the most value.


April 18, 2024 - Ahra Kwon, Senior Project Manager, NYSEARCH


Evaluating the Impact of Hydrogen Blending on Natural Gas Odorization

Hydrogen blending is a promising pathway to decarbonize the natural gas system. The NYSEARCH organization identified a need for research in understanding the potential impact of hydrogen blending on odorization of natural gas. NYSEARCH's work in partnership with the Monell Chemical Senses Center evaluates impacts of hydrogen blending on natural gas odor detection and recognition by human noses. This presentation will review the results of odor detection and recognition of NG odorants in up to 20% hydrogen blends.


May 16, 2024


Presentation of the Dick Morgan Heroism Award


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